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What kind of industry computer should be used in an environment with high water vapor?

Some production workshops have relatively high water vapor in the working environment, such as food processing industry, meat slaughterhouse industry, and seafood wharf sub-inspection and weighing workshops. But in the production processing of these workshops, a computer is necessary for the input and processing of production data information. What computer should be used?

Food factories, such as breweries, dairy products factories, fish factories, meat factories, the environment should be hygienic and clean. The site should be easy to clean and disinfect, mold-proof, and anti-corrosion, equipped with facilities for disinfection, flies, rodents, changing clothes, washing sewage discharge, and waste storage.

Ordinary commercial computers are certainly unreasonable, whose cases cannot be airtight. And the exposed interfaces cannot be waterproof. Thus, the industrial computer with waterproof structure and I/O interface can satisfy the customer's application needs. 1) The whole PC is IP65-IP67 waterproof and easy to clean; 2) Does not contain explosive materials such as glass, and the shell is anti-corrosion; 3) The PC has stable performance, low power consumption, and fanless for heat dissipation. All data can be entered and accessed easily by wearing industry standard gloves.

This is very Important!

1. Reduction of light reflections and better image quality;
2. Moisture condensation prevention and dust protection;
3. Increased physical endurance;
4. Extended temperature range and EMI filtering.

Related Product 1: Waterproof Monitor

19″ Full IP67 Waterproof Monitor
Material: 304 stainless steel

Size: 19-inch
Resolustion: 1280*1024
Display Ratio: 5:4
Interface: BNC+VGA+USB Touch
Brightness: 350nits
Contrast ratio: 600:1
Touch type: 5 wires resistive touch

Working Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃

Related Product 2: Waterproof Panel PC

12.1-inch Full IP67 Panel PC
Material: Stainless Steel

PC main specs.
CPU: Intel® Celeron J1900, 2.0Ghz, fanless
Hard Drive Capacity: 32G SSD

LCD panel : 12.1″
Resolution: 1024*768 4:3
Brightness: 1000cd/m2 (Typ) (350cd/㎡ optional)
Touch type: 10 point Capacitive Touch

Interfaces: 2*USB3.0, 2*RS232, 1*USB 2.0, 1*LAN, 1*DC IN

Optical Bonding
Auto-dimming with light sensor
Anti-glare Glass
Wide Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃

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