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Please download the latest touch drivers from our download page and perform a calibration to calibrate the touch screen.

Please install the EETI eGalax Touch Tool and perform a calibration.

Optical bonding refers to a protective glass that is glued in front of a display to enhance its readability where installed in high humidity, or wide temperature, or outdoor environments, especially FULL IP65 IP67 with 10 points capacitive touch.

When a normal display is used in an outdoor environment, there are some factors that affect its readability. The most common one is “fog”, or condensation, which forms on the inner surface of the display’s vandal shield. Another factor is the reflection of sunlight, which causes a mirror image on the display. Both phenomena can be solved by using optical bonding.

The touch panel is adjusted during the manufacturing process. However, you can always make a new calibration in the touch software under the calibration point.

After the backlight is on for 30 minutes, measure the brightness in the full white state.

The Ubuntu installation root password is 1234 or 123456.

The hardness of the front surface of the LCD screen is generally Mohs’ 7H (Capacitive Touch), which is not easy to be scratched with sharp tools. Resistive touch is 3H only. If scratched, touch function will be influenced.

Very long, in most cases, providing the operating condition is stable, the LCD may operate for years. Just for reference, below is typical life time for displays: 1) Service Life: 80,000 hrs; 2) Driving Characteristics: AC; 

TFT-LCD, which stands for thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display, consists of glass substrates on the bottom, a color filter substrate on the top and liquid crystal in between. The special properties of the liquid crystal are manipulated to create images. These technology intensive products represent the next generation in displays. They are flat and thin, easy to carry around and consume less power. Refer to the Technology section for details.

Yes, we usually set it to turn on automatically when power on.

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