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National Day Holiday & Chinese New Year of 2023 from HMIvision


Since the new drawing, preparation, and production needs 20+ working days:

  1. 1000~2000nits sunlight-readable, high brightness
  2. FULL IP65/IP67 waterproof
  3. NFC/RFID Card Reader/4G module/Camera/Built-in Camera, etc.
  4. New drawing

sometimes the control of the COVID-19 epidemic is not stable, 

the following Holidays Kind Reminder for your reference. Then you could have a better schedule for your project. 

The production line is very tight near the end of the year, and all factories in China will be closed during the Chinese NEW YEAR HOLIDAY. 

Chinese National Day Holiday: October 1st. ~ 7th.

New Year of 2023: December 31st. ~ January 2nd. 

Chinese New Year Factory of Raw Materials Closed: January 1st. ~ February 5th. 

Chinese New Year Office Closed: January 15th. ~ 25th. 

It is not easy for urgent production before the Chinese New Year Holiday. 

Please schedule in advance if possible, to avoid an annoying supply chain disruption, since the production might be influenced by COVID-19 controls sometimes.

Online service will support 7×24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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